What we do


Family home

Orphaned children / teenagers are at risk of being sexually exploited and sold. That is why we have established a family home that meets them with security, love and respect. They get nutritious food, the opportunity to go to school and their own bed where they can sleep safely. In short: They get a fresh start in life.

10 young people
2 employees

The family book

The family book defines citizenship in Laos, but it is not self-evident when you are born in the country. Therefore, there are many without human rights and obligations. When we help children and young people to get a family book, we therefore counteract both slavery and trafficking.

525 family books
2 employees

Care agreement

We have recently established a care agreement with the relevant authorities in Laos, which gives everyone we help the right to adequate health care at a fixed and reasonable price, even if they have not yet received a family book. Healthcare is something you have to pay for, in advance if you are penniless or unable to provide guarantees, and by having our care agreement with a healthcare facility and doctor set up with such a guarantee, healthcare can be obtained throughout Laos.


Employees in Laos

Samuel Olofsson and his wife Touk are the association's employees in Laos. To support them, you and I, your association, parish and your company are needed.


Thanks for your support!

Together we make a difference in the lives of children and young people in Laos!