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As a donor to TOUK – for Life, you support our work among Laos' most vulnerable. We help the needy without any requirement for consideration or for the recipient to include any specific religion or denomination.

All this costs money, and so far these costs have been covered by gifts from companies and / or individuals. However, we are in great need of further continuous additions of funds.

As a donor to TOUK – for Life, you can be absolutely sure that no money disappears for expensive administration, fancy offices, board fees or the like. We who work with this in Sweden make our efforts completely non-profit, completely without compensation of any kind. All the grants we receive are used where they do the most good in Laos.

”All that you have done for one of these my little ones, you have also done for me”, is a telling phrase from the Bible. It tells us that it is not always the individual major efforts, however welcome they may be, that are the most important, but that it is the many less continuous achievements that are the backbone of effective helping.

Help us help!

Make a donation through your bank

In sweden, please use our Bankgiro account: 5541-3017.
For international bank transfers, please use:
Bank: Handelsbanken
IBAN: SE65 6000 0000 0002 7222 5118
Swift code (BIC): HANDSESS

Make a donation with Swish

Use the Swish code below or Swish number: 123 125 33 19.

Give a monthly donation

We are grateful if you can / want to contribute a continuous monthly amount, which can be donated monthly or paid annually.

We look forward to your long-term financial support with great gratitude, but we are also aware that life means change. We have therefore no long notice periods for private monthly donors if one of for some reason feel that it is too burdensome. Just give us information that you wish to cancel, we will release you from the commitment before next month's contribution must be provided.

All monthly donors who so wish can get their name in a gift list on our website. However, no amounts will be released in this list as all contributions are vital, regardless of size.

Yes, I want to be involved and support the work with a monthly donation!

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