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As a sponsor of TOUK – for Life, you support our work among Laos' most vulnerable. We help all those in need who we feel we can help, without the need for consideration or for the recipient to include any specific religion or denomination.

All this costs money, and so far these costs have been covered by gifts from companies and / or individuals. However, we are in great need of further continuous additions of funds.

As a sponsor of TOUK – for Life, you can be absolutely sure that no money is lost on expensive administration, fancy offices, board fees or the like. We who work with this in Sweden make our efforts completely non-profit, completely without compensation of any kind. All grants are used where they do the best and intended benefit in Laos.

”All that you have done for one of these my little ones, you have also done for me,” is a telling phrase from the Bible. It tells us that it is not always the individual major efforts, however welcome they may be, that are the most important, but that it is the many less continuous achievements that are the backbone of effective helping.

What does a sponsor get?

As a sponsor, you can use our sponsor logo. This shows that you support our important philanthropic work. You will also receive a monthly letter with a report from Laos on the progress made in the relief effort. You get access to the blog we have, which is continuously updated with information about the work.

Furthermore, your company gets a mention on the sponsor wall that will be on the website. Although all contributions, regardless of size, are equally important to us, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you enter as a company sponsor and place your company logo in the level you have chosen to enter.

Our sponsorship levels

As a company sponsor, you can choose to be either Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor.

Your contribution per month for the Bronze level is SEK 300 excluding VAT.
For the Silver level, you donate SEK 500 excluding VAT per month.
The Gold level is reached with a monthly contribution of SEK 1,000 excluding VAT.
The sponsorship contribution is deductible in Sweden.

For the selected level, the sum for the entire year is invoiced from TOUK – for Life to the address specified in the form. The first invoice is sent out after the agreement has been reached, and then applies to the entered year. The main due date is then 31 January each year.

Of course, there is no upper limit for you who feel that you can and want to contribute "a little more". Just let us know which sponsor level you want to belong to to help us help through, and we will administer accordingly.

You can cancel your sponsorship at the next due date, if we are notified of this no later than 15 January of the current year.

In addition to the sponsorship commitment, we gratefully accept donations.
For international bank transfers, please use:
Bank: Handelsbanken
IBAN: SE65 6000 0000 0002 7222 5118
Swift code (BIC): HANDSESS.

Help us help!

Yes, I want to be a sponsor and be involved and support the work!

The sum for the whole year is invoiced annually.
The sponsorship contribution is deductible in Sweden.

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